It all started in 2002 with an ad recognizing competition (now called AdPlay). Then we started to debate about creations and the fate of advertising on IQads' forum. Soon after, we felt the need to better stress out pertinent opinions about advertising, so we started writing articles on IQads and to do interviews. But all those weren't enough. So we thought we'd meet once a month at AdBreak, in order to discuss the problems of advertising face to face as well, while enjoying a beer, in the relaxed atmosphere of a club.

After we started organizing BestAds, the online festival where the IQads community votes for the best ads from the previous year, we thought we'd encourage advertising creations that are truly surprising so we invented ADfel, a week long event during which brands are promoted through unconventional happenings and executions, most of which are created an implemented by us.

In order to encourage advertisers to put pizzas and beers aside and to do some exercising as well, we figured we'd organize Agencies' Football Cup. We didn't forget about life after work or the artistic activities undertaken by advertisers after they leave their offices. In order to support all artists, be they in advertising or not, we made Kinofest, the digital film festival, happen.

Many courageous brands got involved in our projects throughout time. You can see them here, grouped by categories.

For the young interested in working in advertising, we created the first talent scouting program for the marketing and communication industry:IQads Kadett. In order to offer a place to practice for the aspiring young or for those who just wish to occasionally test their creative abilities, in 2010 we launched the UGC contests platform, TheCreator. For those who feel they've trained enough as well as for those who want to make a change in their careers, we recommend recurrent visits at AdJob, where you will find job listings in all sectors of the marketing and communication industry.

Then it became high time we grouped the relevant content for marketers on SMARK. We started organizing conferences and trainings for them, under the SMARK KnowHow umbrella, and generating quantitative - SMARK Research, and qualitative - SMARK Focus, research reports, in association with different research companies.